Vitrified Floor Tiles

All about vitrified tiles

Vitrified tiles

There is no doubt that hardwood floorings are a great choice for modern homes because of the elegance they bring with them. One shortcoming of hardwood floorings however is that they require a lot of care and effort i order to maintain their looks. For all those modern home owners who wish to have a house with elegant flooring but cannot put in a lot of effort in maintaining it, vitrified tiles are the best option. Vitrified tiles are not only much tougher as compared to hardwood floorings, but also look very elegant in modern homes. Vitrified tiles are a great alternative to hardwood floorings. Vitrified tiles have grown in popularity over the years owing to their toughness and pleasant looks. Even though their popularity has been exponentially increasing, there are many people who do not have complete knowledge about vitrified tiles. Complete knowledge about the product can help you make a better choice.

What are vitrified tiles?

If we look into the composition of these tiles, they are made up of 60% silica and 40% clay. These tiles are formed using a vitrification process and hence known as vitrified tiles. The result of the process is that the end product is non porous, which actually gives vitrified tiles their toughness. This is an advantage over other flooring materials like marble which are porous and require a great care to maintain.

On the other hand, vitrified tiles do not require any maintenance. Vitrified floor tiles are non abrasive and are even suitable for frequently used areas. Vitrified tiles also have another great advantage over hardwood flooring or any other type of flooring that the designs on these tiles are printed using soluble salts and if printed properly, they can penetrate the surface of the tile by up to 3mm. Basically it means that even after years of use, the designs would not fade away, maintaining the elegant looks of these tiles.

Vitrified tiles have many other advantages over hardwood floorings because of which they have become very popular during the past few years. Hardwood floorings are susceptible to changes because of variations in moisture or temperature levels, however this is not the case with vitrified tiles. While vitrified tiles are being places, spacers can be used which ensures uniform spacing between adjacent tiles and gives a pleasant and well organised look. Vitrified floor tiles do not require a lot of effort in maintenance. All you have to do in order to take care of your tiles is to sweep them.
Cleaning tips about vitrified tiles

As previously stated, vitrified tiles are tough and do not require a lot of care. There are however a few things that you can take into consideration in order to keep your flooring clean and add a few years to its age. In order to keep dust away from the flooring, you can keep floor mats at all the entry points. If you want to add a few years to the life of your tiles, never use harsh chemicals or solvents on them.

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