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Digital Wall Tiles

Situated in Morbi, Gujarat, Cera Exim is the manufacturer of high-quality and classy Digital Wall Tiles along with HD Wall Tiles and 3D Wall Tiles. Aiming to offer nothing but the best, our range of Digital Tiles come in different sizes including 8” x 12”, 12” x 18”, 12” x 24” and 10” x 15”.

Tailor-made as per buyer’s style and requirements, our range meets all kinds of finances. Made using the best and latest international technology, our Digital Wall Tiles are designed using advanced machines, all imported from Italy and Spain. Visualize your creativity with Cera Exim’s customized Digital Wall Tiles, which are made to please all.
Offered in different styles, colors and textures, Cera Exim’s range of digital tiles varies as per customers’ style and persona. You can choose a single color or play by mixing in different colors to get a style that suits you the best. Elegant and classy, Digital Wall Tiles collection is inspired by imagination, creativity and innovation. Tiles, designed digitally can make any space come alive. Latest in technology, these tiles reflect personality and therefore should be chosen accordingly.

From latest modern to traditional designs, Digital Wall Tiles suit every style and personal needs. With variety of textures and designs to choose from, these tiles can make any room energetic, booming with life. Exploring the creativity of designs can surpass any other design that looks spectacular. Be it for bathroom, kitchen or living room, Digital Wall Tiles can beautify all spaces, reflecting your persona.

Made with everlasting colors, these tiles can be custom made as per a print the buyer wants. Feel the effects of advanced digital printing technology with these tiles that are the latest in demand. Digital Wall Tiles are expressive as they can represent your wildest of dreams and designs. The tiles have high definition cutting edge texture printing with random effects that sets them apart. Available in different finishes, these tiles look unconventional and imaginative.

Reasonably priced, Digital Wall Tiles make an amazing way to enhance the interiors of home. Made using latest technology, these tiles offer a trendy and modern look to the house.

Cera Exim uses state-of-the-art CERA JET Import Digital Machine, which brings in delicate-looking Bathroom and Kitchen tiles, using full 12 High Definition colors.

Our amazing craftsmanship has made us aim for more. We already export our products all over the world to countries including UAE, Oman, Ethiopia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, UK, USA and Australia among others. The firm is working on to expand its network even more.

The creativity and imminent vision has made us expand our product range to kitchen wall tiles, bathroom wall tiles, digital wall tiles, HD wall tiles and 3D wall tiles. The company aims to offer bigger, better and stylish products to suit the buyer’s future expectations.  

A visit to our site will divert you to discover our huge variety of digital Wall Tiles for both bathroom and kitchen that’s tailor-made as per our buyers.


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